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Maria Eva
Maria Eva (Jazz&Pop Singer)
Republic of the Philippines Marinduque island

Maria Eva hails from the island of Marinduque, Philippines. She's born to a family of musicians. Her grandfather, father and brothers are all members of a brass band. Her sisters play musical instruments too. Her mother has been very supportive of her singing since she's small.

She started singing at a very young age and developed her God- given talent by singing hymns and praises as a soloist in churches. She joined and won singing competitions held in different places. Later, appeared on television programs and heard in different radio stations.

Maria Eva came to Japan at the age of 26. She started her career as a singer singing soul and pops music then later on found her niche in jazz music.

Her 1st solo concert was held in 1991 at the Theater Sun Mall. The first CD entitled "Maria Eva's Club" was released in the same year. Her powerful voice and profound interpretation of the lyrics endow the songs with special meaning.

Maria Eva has firmly established her reputation in the music industry, performing with veteran jazzmen as Yuzuru Sera, George Kawaguchi, Eiji Kitamura, Norio Maeda, among others.

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The 26th Japan Jazz Vocal Award. Received grand prizes!! MARIA EVA


The Japan Jazz Vocal Award Foundation since it’s inception in 1985, gives awards to singers who excelled their prowess and talent in the field. The Japan Jazz Vocal Award Grand Prix, Japan Jazz Vocal Award for Best Singing Techniques, award for newcomers, among others, is given by the foundation.

The 18th Japan Jazz Vocal Award ceremony was held at Roppongi Birdland in Tokyo on October 19, 2002. On that occasion, The Japan Jazz Vocal Award for Best Singing Techniques was awarded to Maria Eva.

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Extract from the November 1, 2002, Jazz World Issue
Jazz World Company Incorporated



Maria Eva came to Japan for the first time as singer of a band.


The second and the third time she came to Japan with a band.


She established the foundation of her singing career in Japan.


Style, techniques and repertoire in singing have developed tremendously.


The first CD entitled “Maria Eva’s Club” was released. Her debut concert was held under the care and supervision of conductor /arranger/director Yoshikazu Kawahara.
(Member of the Crazy Cats Band, in the 80’s).Nobuo Tanabe, (tenor sax) was the leader of the twenty (20) member-band orchestra.


The Yokohama Asahi Jazz Festival (Open air concert) with Norio Maeda and the band.

The 20th Jazz in Yokohama with Hideto Kanai and Yosuke Yamashita (Asahi-Ku Complex, KannaiHall )

The 26th Summer Jazz Festival with Music and Magic Orchestra at Hibiya Concert Hall

Kawasaki Illumination Jazz Concert (Sambian, Kawasaki) with Norio Maeda and Hideto Kanai again,


She has been occupied singing in different jazz live spots, clubs, parties, dinner shows, wedding ceremonies, primary, junior and senior high school concerts and festivals.
She shares her experience and techniques in singing to young and talented singers. These activities are going on till now.


Maria Eva received the “Japan Jazz Vocal Award for Best Singing Techniques”


Maria Eva received the "Japan Jazz Vocal Award for Grand prizes"


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